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Orifice Type Gravity Slurry Feed Distributors

Orifice type gravity slurry feed distributors from Multotec comprise various distributors with up to 36 outlets available for accurate and efficient pulp distribution, enhancing productivity.

Their highly abrasion-resistant polyurethane protected working surfaces ensure a long product life, while accurate distribution to all outlets through replaceable orifices heightens efficiency. The constant head and adjustable feed outlet are easily managed.

They also feature modular routing of rigid off-takes and distribution piping.

Orifice Type Gravity Slurry Feed Distributors benefits:

  • Facilitates increased productivity through accurate distribution
  • Corrosion resistant exterior reduces overheads
  • Easily replaced throat orifice reduces downtime
  • Up to 36 outlets increases accuracy and enhances efficiency of pulp distribution
Multotec is a leading manufacturer of long-lasting abrasion-resistant orifice type gravity slurry feed distributors.

Components and advantages

Feed pipe

  • Centralised for unbiased distribution
  • Polyurethane lined
  • Velocity breakers available

Overflow outlet

  • High level overflow with standard flange
  • Constant hydrostatic head improves efficiency

Distributor shell

  • Long lasting polyurethane lined working surfaces
  • Galvanised corrosion-resistant exterior
  • Low weight, low height, space saving design

Off-takes and distribution piping

  • Clampless long lasting polyurethane off-takes (with breather) and elbows
  • Standard HDPE rigid piping provides neat and uniform slurry routing


  • Easily replaceable parallel throat orifice
  • Various diameters for different controlled flow rates
Multotec orifice type gravity slurry feed distributors are designed to save you space while their low weight means they can be easily manoeuvred.
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