Sampling Solutions

Pressure Pipe Sampler

Multotec’s Pressure Pipe sampler was designed and engineered in collaboration with industry specialists to ensure reliable samples under extreme pressurised conditions (up to 20 bar or more) in slurry pipelines.

This sampler has a dilated housing to create a pressure drop and hence slurry turbulence in the housing. This enhances mixing and helps improve the integrity of the final sample. A ceramic lined probe in the centre of the device draws off a continuous primary sample.

Features of our Pressure Pipe sampler:

  • Used in plants and slurry circuits with insufficient  headroom
  • Traditionally installed in vertical up flow pipe line close to pump discharge
  • Control device but not a metallurgical accounting sampler
  • Ceramic off-take nozzle provided in extreme applications ( > 16 bar pressure)
  • Installed in conjunction with a timed secondary vezin sampler to provide discreet composite samples
  • Can be used to feed an on line analyser directly where applicable
Optimise your pressurised pipe sampling with Multotec’s latest sampling innovation. Contact Multotec today!
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