Anthony Artin

Quick Facts

Name: Anthony Artin

Position at Multotec: Country Manager, Multotec Brazil

Started at Multotec: 2015


Joining the ranks of Multotec in 2015, in the very early stages of the Montreal office, Artin started as a process engineer and quickly specialised in hydrocyclones applications. Putting together a strategy to develop that market segment in North America, he became in charge of that product line. Along with the team’s effort, the strategy rapidly paid off with the installation base more than tripling in 2 years.

In 2019, he developed the new territory of Latin America for Multotec Canada and Multotec International. Speaking more than 5 languages, he looks forward to putting his skills to contribution in the context of international business.

Business Philosophy: Culture is key in the success of an international business. Accept and embrace that things can and will be done differently in other parts of the world.

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