Bart Malan

Quick Facts

Name: Bart Malan

Position at Multotec: International Business Development Manager, Multotec Eurasia

Started at Multotec: 2012


Bart Stephanus Malan, Multotec International Business Development Manager, joined the company in 2012.

Bart has been in the mining industry since 1996 and has worked across all mineral sectors. He is using his knowledge and experience at Multotec International as a proud ambassador for the company. Since 2012, India, Turkey and Kazakhstan have been his responsibility to promote the full scope of Multotec products across all these countries and their mining industries.  

Understanding the customer’s needs is the heart of sales. He says: "People buy from people in our industry, not from catalogues and emails." 

Business Philosophy: Be present, listen and solve problems, that is how we do it at Multotec.

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