Rhodes Nelson

Quick Facts

Name: Rhodes Langsley Nelson

Position at Multotec: President, Multotec Screening Media & Managing Director, Multotec Manufacturing

Started At Multotec: 1997

Johannesburg-born Rhodes Nelson has contributed to Multotec’s global success since 1997, working through the ranks to hold his current position of Managing Director of Multotec Manufacturing.

After completing his Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, Bachelor of Commerce and Postgraduate Diploma in Management, Nelson started his career in wear linings as a Research and Development Ceramist at Debex. From there, Nelson managed the installation of wear linings at Debex and Multotec for various projects.

As a Business Analyst for Multotec Manufacturing, Nelson implemented JDE enterprise resource management; following which he worked as Business Unit Admin Manager for internal sales, exports, wood shop and transport. Nelson was later promoted to Commercial Manager of Multotec Manufacturing and MATO products and later to Operations Manager. 

Through hard work, a keen-eye, determination and commitment to Multotec, Nelson was promoted to Deputy Managing Director and then to Managing Director – a position he holds today.

Nelson cites a Chinese proverb as his favourite quote: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” This sentiment is reflected in his approach to business and to opportunity alike.

Business Philosophy: Keep it simple.

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