Rotary Sample Indexer

Rotary sample indexers from Multotec provide an accurate, reliable composite sample division or allocation solution. The rotary or linear sample indexer can be used to separate different grades or sources of sampled product, allowing operators to store feed product in up to 10, or more, different bins.

The indexer system provides accurate samples, with a rotary pipe feed being precisely controlled via a stepper motor.

These bins are easily accessed and inspected via the unit’s external doors, and are automatically discharged via pneumatic discharge valves. The levels of the bins are detected automatically via a transducer. These units are especially relevant in the diamond recovery industry.

Our Rotary Sample Indexer features:

  • Up to 10, or more, sample bins
  • Automatic bin level detection
  • Accurate particulate material feed pipe positioning
  • Automatic pneumatic discharge of bins
  • Isolated and secure storage of valuable final mineral product
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