Saddle Top™ System

Suitable for both low and high-impact applications, the patented polyurethane Saddle Top™ sub frame enables easy replacement and/or installation of the screen panel fastening holes on conventional runners instead of replacing the complete runner, resulting in significant equipment cost savings and reduced downtime. Saddle Top™ sub frames can also enhance the fitment of the screen panel, with greater support of the internal frame, enhancing panel life.

The Saddle Top™ sub frame accommodates most conventional polyurethane or rubber modular panels.

Our Saddle Top™ systems:

  • Isolate component replacement to the smallest degree for lowest cost of equipment use and reduced maintenance
  • Feature superior sub frame support for enhanced panel life
  • Accept rubber and polyurethane modular panels
  • Are suitable for corrosive applications

The Saddle Top™ system includes:

Pins and Sleeves

All standard types of fastening systems can be used including round pins and H-pins. Round and H-type Hi-Flow sleeves can also be used.

Screen Panels

The Saddle Top™ sub frame accommodates most conventional polyurethane or rubber 305 mm x 305 mm modular screen panels with either 4 pin or 6 pin fastening systems.

Saddle Top™

The patented Saddle Top™ is manufactured from polyurethane and fits onto a flat bar runner that is in turn fastened, via cleats, to the cross members of the vibrating screen.

Flat Bar Runners

The flat bar runners are laser cut from mild steel for standard applications, 3CR12 for corrosive environments or VRN 500 for abrasive applications. The flat bar runners are manufactured to suit your specific screen length requirements.

Snapper Pins

Each Saddle Top™ is fastened into place by 4 nylon snapper pins.

Enhance the adaptability of your screen sub frame while providing additional strength to the screening media with Multotec’s patented Saddle Top™ system!
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