Sample Carousel Collector

Utilising a compact, rugged construction, sample carousels from Multotec enable operators to collect a given sample stream into dedicated containers to make final composite sample handling more manageable. Bins are sequentally filled for a lot or consignment via rotation of the table.

The sample carousel is fully-customisable to the unique requirements of each application and is suitable for large composite sample sizes. It can accommodate between 4 to 20 containers of up to 100 litres capacity each. A geared brake motor (0.25 to 1.5 kW) can be configured to slowly rotate the table to the next selected position.

Container units fill sequentially on a timed basis or via intelligent selective filling. Samples can also be defined via a rotary index arrangement whereby replicate samples of equal mass are collected in a number of prearranged canisters. Bin indicator sensors locate bin positions or presence.

Our Sample Carousel Collectors feature:

  • Compact and circular construction with lockable doors / safety switches
  • Wide range of selective filling or indexing with the use of a mini PLC
  • Maintenance friendly and easily accessible via various doors
  • Timer based or intelligent PLC system control
  • Mounting brackets provided with adjustable feet
  • Alternative moving inlet chute design and fixed position containers
  • Proximity sensors for bucket position control and location detection
  • Photo cell for bin level detection
Multotec’s Sample Carousel Collectors provide effective mineral sampling solutions through a wide range of storing or indexing possibilities!
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