Sample Feeder Conveyor

The sample feeder conveyor from Multotec provides a safe and isolated enclosure that efficiently retains the integrity of the material sample whilst dosing in between unit sampling, crushing and division steps to ensure integrity and consistent feed.

The sample feeder conveyor comes in a lightweight, rugged construction, providing a space-efficient and cost-effective solution to handling mineral samples or reject material. The system prevents moisture loss and dust contamination, allowing the necessary trickle feed of sample transport within minimised headroom. It can have a bi-directional mode for sample transport to either chemical or physical composite sample discharge points.

Multotec constructs these units according to the application requirements of its customers, with custom designs from 300 mm to 1 050 mm wide, and 1 500 mm to 40 000 mm in length.

Our Sample Feeder Conveyor features:

  • Four leg footprint with mounting brackets for shorter units
  • Optional dust or moisture covers (not always critical for sample reject applications)
  • Alignment, trip and speed switches generally provided or optional
  • Flow adjustment/control plates included
  • Fixed speed or VSD control (0.01 m/s – 0.5 m/s)
  • Reversible designs possible (for separate chemical and physical samples)
  • Ease of tensioning adjustment and maintenance
Preserve and protect your mineral samples from contamination during materials dosing and handling!
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