Screen Sub Frames

Multotec’s standard modular screen sub frames, which include box-type, dewateringside tension and bolt down sub frames, provide a durable, reliable support for polyurethane and rubber screening media with a variety of fastening options.

  • Robust, durable construction
  • Sub frames for solid screening and solid/liquid separation
  • Constructed to application specifications
  • Sub frames can be galvanised, coated or lined with anti-corrosive materials as required

These sub frames are constructed according to the specific demands of the mineral processing application and screening machinery being utilised, to enhance the performance, lifespan and efficiency of your screening operation.

Box-Type Sub Frame:

Box-type sub frames are suitable for heavy-duty screening applications requiring large sub frames. The sub frames feature welded cross-members superimposed with welded one-foot grid trays huckbolted into position.

Dewatering Screen Frame:

Multotec dewatering sub frames are designed with a separate window, eliminating the need for chamfered panels and reducing material holding to increase the efficiency of the dewatering screen to enhance constituent recovery.

Side Tension Sub Frame:

Polyurethane-tensioned panels use the same clamps as woven wire, which means that both polyurethane and woven wire-tensioned panel types can be installed on the same welded sub frame.

Bolt Down Sub Frame:

Screen sub frames designed to fasten and support panels on all four sides with conventional bolting for coarse and heavy-duty screening.

Ensure a screen installation with reduced mechanical stress for prolonged component life, with Multotec’s range of screen sub frames.
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