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Shark Fin Sampler

The Multotec Shark Fin Sampler (or Thief Sampler) allows mineral processes to take slurry flow ‘specimens’ from pressurised lines in metallurgical accounting applications, and can be used for process control purposes.

The unit uses a dilated housing that flanges straight onto your existing pipeline to create a rapid pressure drop in the line that allows good mixing before a permanent cutter mounted in the stream extracts a specimen on a continuous basis.

Shark Fin Sampler features

  • Available in a range from 50 – 700 mm NB
  • Adjustable cutter opening / baffle plates can be placed in front of cutter
  • Can be used in conjunction with secondary vezin samplers in larger applications
  • Use in online analyser feed applications
Take specimens from your slurry flow with Multotec’s Shark Fin Sampler. Send us an enquiry for more info!
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