Swing Arm Sampler

Swing arm samplers from Multotec provide a critical sampling function, ensuring the mineral grade is of the quality required by the sampler’s downstream requirements by collecting representative mineral sample increments with a fully compliant Theory of Sampling (TOS) design.

The swing arm sampler collects and raises primary samples for convenient elevated discharge. Swing arm samplers at a conveyor belt discharge point can handle high throughput, but are suitable for both light- and heavy-duty applications. The swing arm sampler is enclosed in a large housing and provides reliable, representative mineral increment extraction free from dust and environmental contamination.

The swing arm sampler also has intelligent motor control, with both acceleration and deceleration ramping to ensure less wear to the brake and gearbox via VSD.

The swing arm sampler is manufactured according to ISO 9001:2000 quality specifications, and is custom built to suit the customer’s requirements, including for retrofitted applications.

Our Swing Arm Samplers feature:

  • Manually adjustable cutter openings for alternative product sampling
  • Ability to handle high conveyed material throughputs
  • Bottom dump cutter with reliable clam shell door design
  • Low maintenance and 98% plus availability
Collect accurate samples at your conveyor belt discharge point with a Rotary Swing Arm Sampler from Multotec.
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