T-Bar Rail System

T-Bar runners systems are used in high-impact areas where the polyurethane Saddle Top™ is not suitable. The T-Bar runner can be combined with the Saddle Top™ system within the same frame, with T-Bars being installed over the high-impact feed end.

The T-Bar runners were initially developed for Multotec Hi-Flow modular screen panels. Further development has allowed these runners to be manufactured from mild steel for standard applications3CR12 for corrosive environments and VRN 500 for abrasive applications.

Our T-Bar Systems are:

  • Suitable for high-impact and corrosive screening applications
  • Compatible with rubber and polyurethane modular panels
  • Interfaces with Saddle Top™ runners within a single screen sub frame system

The T-Bar system includes:

Pins and Sleeves

Conventional Multotec round pins and sleeves or H-pin and sleeves systems are available.

Screen Panels

The T-Bar runners accommodate most conventional polyurethane or rubber 305 mm x 305 mm or 305 mm x 610 mm modular screen panels.

T-Bar Runners

Manufactured from laser cut flat bar with horizontal and vertical sections welded together then fastened to the vibrating screen cross members by means of cleats, bolts or Huckbolts.

Get a high-impact, durable runner solution for your mineral screening operation from Multotec.
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