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Two-in-One Sampler

The two-in-one sampler from Multotec comprises a unique design, combining sample and engineering integrity within a confined space. These compact, robust units enable high sampling frequency, are easy to install and can be custom-designed based on your specific requirements. 

Multotec’s Two-In-One Sampler features

  • Suits vertical gravity flow systems up to 4 500m³/hr or more
  • Fits slurry lines from 100 NB (4”) to 900 NB (36”) or more
  • All wetted surfaces are rubber, ceramic or epoxy lined
  • Dedicated electrical controller panel with adjustable timer
  • Cutter gap is 3 times the nominal top size of material with a minimum recommended mean width of 20 mm (0.8”)
  • Self-supporting on pipe flanges and support brackets for larger units

Multotec’s Two-In-One Sampler benefits

  • High sampling frequency and adjustable timer
  • No separate secondary reject stream
  • Compact and robust construction
  • Easy to install and access
  • Custom designs of certain features are accommodated
  • Tried and tested performance
  • Headroom requirements minimised
Save plant capital costs by eliminating the secondary reject stream handling with two-in-one samplers from Multotec.

The primary section is constructed of mild steel and the housing is rubber or ceramic lined internally. Reliable dual proximity sensors control the cutter travel between the two ‘parked’ positions on either side of the primary sampler inlet flange.

The secondary section is an integrated vezin sampler, which typically has 4 radial cutters of pre-determined widths, making the two-in-one sampler extremely versatile, enabling an ergonomically sized sample at required division ratios when run continuously.

Primary and Secondary Samplers

The overall design conforms to all internationally recognised sampling standards and provides unbiased sampling due to a full stream cross cut, a radially tapered cutter slot with sharp blades, and a constant cutter speed of less than 0.45m/s.  A flush water system with conical primary sample retaining hopper, can be provided as an optional extra.

The secondary vezin sampler makes reliable primary sample division with multiple cuts possible, has mild steel rubberlined or polyethylene housing and provides a wide sample division ratio of between 4.0% and 16% as may be needed. It has 20 mm to 40 mm radially tapered cutter widths and replaceable cutter hoods. A maximum of 4 stainless steel cutters can be accommodated and replicate or dual sample collection is possible.

Multotec Samplers - Two-In-One Sampler Animation

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