Variable Ratio Divider

Variable ratio dividers from Multotec are used for reliable dry material constant mass sample division from a variably sized primary sample increment.

All Multotec variable ratio divider systems are designed for integration into client sampling plants and are available in various sizes and models. They are ideal for bulk materials handling multi-stage sample plant applications in coal and iron ore, particularly relevant for the supply of constant mass sub-samples to robotic laboratories.

Multotec variable ratio dividers consist of three pieces of equipment integrated on a frame and include a weigh hopper (on load cells) with short mini VSD controlled feeder conveyor supplying a consistent material stream to a cross cut sampler at its discharge.

Variable Ratio Divider benefits

  • Controlled by mini PLC to ensure flexibility and consistency
  • Integrated equipment includes weigh hopper on load cells
  • Feeder conveyor VSD-controlled
  • Constant mass sub-samples irrespective of primary sample size
  • Controlled variable speed cross cut sampler
  • Sampler fed in determined time period for each new cycle

The integrated system is controlled via a mini PLC to ensure flexibility and consistency of the desired constant mass result. The primary sample storage hopper provides surge capacity to allow a subsequent mini dosing conveyor to consistently feed the sampler within a pre-determined time period calculated by the PLC for each primary sample.

The speed of the vezin type sample cutter is also variable, controlled below 0,45 m/s to provide additional versatility in secondary sample size.

Get sample flexibility and consistency with Multotec’s Variable Ratio Divider
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