Welded and Huck Bolted Frames

Welded and huck bolted screen sub frames from Multotec provide an effective, robust, impact-tolerant housing especially suited to small- and medium-sized dry-application screens. Multotec supplies runner screen sub frames as modular systems for simple installation and removal.

The sub frame runners are constructed from channel iron or angle iron for rigidity and durability. An 8 mm thick angle iron runner provides the optimum solution for non-corrosive applications, offering a superior service life and more secure attachment of panels. For corrosive applications, 3CR12 stainless steel runners can be supplied.

Huck bolts enable cost-effective replacement of sub frame runners, delivering superior wear tolerance over other mechanical means of fastening for ease of maintenance and maximum service life.

Multotec constructs these sub frames according to the customised demands of your mineral application and the specifications of your screening machine

Our Welded & Huck Bolted Runner Frames are:

  • Ideal for all screen sub frames
  • Easy to attach and fit screening media
  • Constructed from robust, durable materials
  • Customised according to machine and application specifications
  • Huckbolts deliver a cost-effective runner replacement option
  • 3CR12 runners are supplied for corrosive applications
Equip your screening operations with a customised welded screen sub frame for enhanced mineral processing capacity!
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