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Fastening Systems and Accessories

Multotec manufactures a wide range of fastening systems and accessories specifically for its range of screen panels for greater aperture accuracy and material consistency.

Multotec’s range of fastening systems and accessories have been designed together to form one ergonomic, seamless solution that reduces installation time and extend the versatility of the screen panel.

Multotec’s screen fastening systems are designed to decrease downtime and lower overall maintenance requirements. Multotec’s range of accessories extend the versatility of the screen panel making it better suited to a wider range of applications.

Fastening Systems and Accessories - features:

  • Secure joining of screen panels
  • Simplified screen panel installation 
  • Utilises H-pinning and pinless systems that prevent gaps from forming
  • Constructed from abrasion resistant polyurethane or rubber depending on the application requirements
  • Extend the versatility of the screen panel making it better suited to a wider range of applications

Screen Panel Fastening Systems

P3 Pinless Panel Fastening Systems

Multotec’s third generation pinless fastening system allows simplified panel maintenance operations where only the panel and compatible Saddle Top™ are required to fasten the screen to the deck.

  • Pinless systems have been designed to have minimal installation and removal forces, yet maximum panel fastening forces to keep the panels in place 
  • All Multotec 305 x 305 mm panels are compatible with P3 pinning
  • Improved operator safety and lower costs thanks to fewer mechanisms 
  • The full range of apertures is available in Hi-Flow and standard configurations 

H-Pin Fastening System and H-Sleeve Clamping System

Multotec’s H-Pin and H-Sleeve fastening and clamping systems achieve secure joining of all standard rubber screens as well as specialised and special runner frames including Saddle Top™.

  • H-Sleeve clamping for secure screen panel attachment
  • H-Pin fastening provides fast, secure frame attachment
  • Improves overall frame life
  • Suitable for all thicknesses of modular panels
  • Flush with panel for no splashing of material as well as easy removal

Bolt-down Rubber Panels

Direct bolting to screen frame or integral skid bars with centre clamp bars

  • Specialised mechanism that moulds apertures with self-relieving angles to minimise potential pegging
  • Bolt-down rubber screen panels are available in a range of sizes and thicknesses
  • Conventional steel backed rubber side liners
  • Plain bolt-down rubber panels with triangular side clamping bars
  • Self-supporting heavy duty bolt-down rubber screen panels for coarse applications
All Multotec screen fastening systems are designed for fast change-outs and less maintenance – ultimately reducing labour costs and downtime.

Screen Panel Accessories

Multotec has manufactured a range of accessories in order to extend the versatility and improve the wear life of your screen panels in any abrasive mineral processing application.

Steel backed feed box liners supplied either plain or drilled  

  • Bolt holes sealed with rubber plugs
  • Bolted into position

Conventional steel backed rubber side liners

  • Supplied plain or drilled to suit your side liners
  • Bolted into position

Triangular rubber side clamping bars

  • Supplied with T-bolt and angled washer

Ceramic and rubber composite 'RubHex' curtains

  • Supplied to glue onto the screen cross-members to protect the beams from abrasion by particles passing through the screen apertures  
Contact Multotec to discover how our screen panel fastening systems and accessories lower downtime and overall costs per ton!
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