Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Multotec is able to conduct multibody dynamics as well as static, dynamic and non-linear structural Finite Element Analyses (FEA) where required to ensure optimised performance before the manufacture of equipment begins.

This drastically shortens development cycles while also maximising mean-time-between failures of products in operation, thereby ensuring optimal plant availability.

FEA also allows us to model our equipment in a virtual environment to find and solve potential or existing structural or performance issues.

Benefits of using FEA:

  • Understanding process capabilities by observing the response of a design to various scenarios
  • Selecting the best design from a number of different available tested options
  • Use FEA’s to confirm that a product meets the requirements of what has been specified

More than a mineral processing equipment supplier:

At Multotec, we provide more than processing equipment, but constantly strive to assist you in achieving overall business excellence. This is why when you partner with Multotec, you don’t just get a diversified product offering, but form a relationship based on product refinement, a true understanding of process flow sheets and field service and maintenance – ensuring that together we will create a solution that is suited specifically to your individual needs and that will optimise your process and lower your overall operating costs.

Reduce downtime and achieve optimised mineral processing equipment with Multotec’s FEA design capabilities!
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