Test Work Support

Multotec offers extensive test work on its mineral processing equipment with its specialised laboratory facilities and equipment, part of our commitment to R&D, to ensure the best selection of equipment for your application.

Through this, we are able to offer our clients the following tests:

  • Extensive spiral test work
  • Magnetic separator test work
  • Hydrocyclone test work
  • Water purification of mine effluents
  • Centrifuges

Our approach to test work:

Clients send us a sample of the material that is required for testing for process efficiency or capabilities. These mainly include spiral and magnetic separation test work requests. Computer simulations are then used to size and select the appropriate hydrocyclone for the application to do the upfront de-sliming of the sample.

Multotec's test work capabilities are fundamental in both product development and refining of existing technologies.
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