Spiral separator

SX 10 Spiral Concentrator


Achieve enhanced coal recoveries with Multotec’s 10-turn SX 10 spiral concentrator, featuring a low cut point for cleaner coal and reduced waste in a single stage. This helps achieve savings on capital costs as no further spiral stages are required for cleaning. As an extra benefit, this enables the production of both thermal and coking coal on one spiral.

The SX10 allows the near dense particles longer retention time for separation. The denser particles are removed into the centre column after the first four turns (allowing for greater capacity in the spiral). The remaining clean coal and middlings are then subjected to repulping. This is followed by three more turns, another discard removal step, and another repulping stage prior to the final distribution of coal via another three turns before it finally splits into clean coal, middlings and discard.

Maintenance for the SX 10 spiral concentrator is the absolute minimum as it uses no electricity, has no moving parts or chemical requirements, and is easy to maintain. It delivers a cost-effective coal processing solution.

Benefits & features of our SX 10 spiral concentrator:

  • The spiral is a primary & secondary stage on one centre column. The first off-take removes ash, opening up the available separation surface of the spiral & allowing the remaining material to separate more easily
  • High capacity, low relative density cut
  • Delivers increased separation efficiency and improved coal recoveries
  • Reduced cut point of 1.55 g/cm3 results in cleaner coal with less waste being achieved in a single stage
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Spiral Separation services

Multotec offers turnkey spiral separation solutions for your plant, including equipment testing, field service, optimisation and maintenance. Our wide range of spiral spares and accessories ensures maximum processing uptime.

Our gravity separation services include:

  • Design assistance
  • Test work on spiral concentrators
  • Consultation on spirals, processes & plant optimisation
  • Commissioning of all spiral equipment

Frequently asked questions:

What is a spiral concentrator?

A spiral concentrator is a device that relies on gravity to separate material in a slurry feed. The light density granules are separated from the heavier density material.

Why are spiral concentrators used?

Spiral concentrators are a cost-effective solution for the separation of particles (deposits) in mineral processing operations.

How do spiral concentrators work?

Spiral concentrators separate different components in a slurry, according to their density. The slurry flow is directed into a spiral tower. The dense particles move toward the centre of the spiral, while the light particles move towards the outside. Slots or channels in the sluice allow for extraction of the differently sized particles.

Multotec’s SX 10 spirals are designed to deliver more efficient coal processing.
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