Gravity Concentration: New Lamination Booth for Spirals

The manufacturing of spiral troughs is a labour-intensive process involving various steps that are taken in sequence until completion of a spiral assembly. The sequence is arranged in an orderly manner allowing smooth and easy movement from start to finish.

The increase in product demand has necessitated a need to improve in customer delivery rate and keep up with increasing market growth. In assessing the capability of the production team together with available resources, the biggest bottleneck was discovered within the lamination area. The bottleneck caused a longer waiting period for our customers and diminished our competitive edge. The situation is worsened when there is downtime at the existing booth causing lots of idle time for downstream processes.

The lamination process involves spraying and laminating polyurethane sprayed the working surface of the spiral with fibres and other chemicals to give structural support and strength. The chemicals used are hazardous to personnel and the environment requiring an area that will be safe to work in and comply with Safety, Health, and Environment standards. 

The recent completion of a second lamination booth allows us to eliminate the production bottleneck encountered with the single booth and ensure chemical fumes are extracted, filtered and only clean air is discharged into the environment with a state of the art extraction system.

The design and construction of the booth have taken ergonomics and safety into account by providing sufficient lighting, lifting equipment, and productive working space. 

“Employees received the addition with great interest knowing the operation is safer and spiral customers will be happy with quality delivery of long-lasting trouble-free spirals,” says Evalt Phosa, Production supervisor at Gravity Concentration.

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