Heavy Mineral Spiral Test Units

Heavy minerals spiral test units from Multotec comprises of four spiral stages and is capable of processing up to 20 tons of solids per hour. Generators and variable speed drives can be used to operate the pumps and sumps, working between 380 V or 525 V. When in transit, the test unit’s stability is maintained through support braces and dedicated lock-out switches for each pump.

Benefits of Mineral Spiral Test Units:

  • Three primary modules allow for easy onsite assembly for increased uptime
  • Versatility allows the flow sheet to be adapted to suit specific applications
  • Easy to move and re-assemble
  • ‘Plug and Play’ capability
  • Stand-alone units can be skid mounted
Enhance your mineral processing efficiency with Multotec.

Components and advantages


  • Polyurethane cyclones
  • Ideal for desliming and dewatering functions
  • Overflow discharges into separate tanks
  • Stacker cyclones for product and discard are optional

Cat ladders

  • Provide easy access to upper levels

Spiral concentrators

  • Rougher, scavenger, cleaner and re-cleaner stages
  • Interchangeable spirals to accommodate standard and high capacity spirals
  • Lower feed rates required for improved efficiency
  • High capacity spirals are rated at 6.5 tons per hour per start

Gravity fed distributor

  • Mild steel galvanised and lined with polyurethane
  • Provides even feed distribution to spirals
  • Easily replaceable parallel throat orifices
  • Tight-fit piping arrangement

 Water manifold

  • Single connection for water supply and dilution

 Dedicated control panel

  • Variable speed drives for each pump allows ease of control
  • 380/525 V (optional)
  • Lockable IP65 control box enclosures

 Sumps with pumps

  • Four dedicated mild steel rubber-lined sumps with pumps


  • Additional steel supports supplied for extra stability

Multotec offers commissioning and installation for mineral spiral test units as well as consultation services and conducting test work on spiral concentrators at our R&D facilities or plant sites.

Multotec’s heavy minerals spiral test units are stand-alone, can be easily moved to new locations and are easy to erect.
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