Spiral separator

Spiral Accessories

Spiral accessories from Multotec are available for all Multotec gravity concentration products and equipment.

Multotec Spiral Accessories range

Spiral accessories from Multotec include:

  • Distributors
  • Feed boxes
  • Spirals-single, twin and triple start
  • Product boxes and splitters
  • Launders
  • Off take and off take vent pipe
  • Elbows and HDPE piping
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Multotec Spiral accessories features


Multotec’s corrosion-resistant distributors are made from hot dipped galvanised (in molten zinc) robust steel shells and are fitted with a cast polyurethane lining for protection against wear (corrosion) ensuring longer life and increased run time.

  • Distributors can be top- or bottom-fed and have anti-syphoning off-takes resulting in equal pulp distribution via a constant hydrostatic head.
  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling is used to solve and analyse problems that involve fluid flow, such as to deliver the required pulp volume to each of the parallel throat orifices located on the distributor.
  • Computers are used to perform the calculations required to simulate the interaction of liquids and gases with surfaces reducing the margin for human error.

Feed boxes

Our spiral feed boxes are solid units cast from polyurethane and are designed for longer product life, especially in high impact areas – ensuring that a homogenous pulp is fed onto the spiral.

The longer product life reduces downtime and, if necessary, the entire feed box is available as a replaceable unit.


Multotec coal spirals have two stages to allow for flexibility and provide an overall improvement in separation efficiency.

  • Available in single, twin and triple start configurations
  • Modular or custom-designed spiral frames available
  • Spiral construction materials ensure high quality and longer life at lower costs and reduced maintenance requirements
  • Spiral pilot test work support is available for heavy minerals and coal applications

Product boxes and splitters

Our product boxes and splitters are solid lightweight polyurethane castings and designed so that no solids build up (beaching) will occur on the spiral trough.


All Multotec launders are cast polyurethane units ensuring long life. They are light in weight and comprise a rigid construction, which minimises overall maintenance costs.

Spiral accessories from Multotec are designed to ensure longer product life, reduced downtime and enhanced productivity.
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