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Spiral Test Units

Multotec supplies spiral test units for both heavy minerals and coal applications. Heavy minerals pilot plants comprise 4 stages of spirals, and are capable of processing up to 20 tons of dry solids per hour in the feed to the spirals. The coal test units consists of double stage MX7 or SX7 spirals, and are capable of processing 36 tons of coal per hour to the spirals.

For heavy minerals spiral test units desliming and dewatering cyclones are included, with concentrate and tailings stacker cyclones being optional. A four-stage spiral circuit – Rougher, Cleaner, Re-cleaner and Scavenger – is used and spirals are interchangeable depending on the mineral being treated.

MX7 or SX7 spirals are used for coal spiral test units and are interchangeable depending on the operation layout.

Spiral Test Units range:

Heavy Mineral Spiral Test Units

Multotec Brand 2019

Multotec's heavy mineral spiral test units are supplied by pumps driven by variable speed drives, operating between 380 V or 525 V and proce...

Coal Spiral Test Units

Coal Spiral Test Units

Multotec's coal spiral test units have plug and play capability and are able to process up to 36 tons of coal per hour.

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Composition and advantages of Multotec’s Spiral Test Units

Pumps and Sumps

  • Can be operated using generators
  • Pumps fitted with variable speed drives
  • Can operate with 380 V or 525 V


  • Transportation is made easy as each plant can be moved to any location using two 12 metre containers or a super link
  • Stability is maintained through support braces

Civils and electrics

  • The plant has been designed to stand on a level concrete pad or compacted surface
  • Dedicated lock-out switches for each pump
  • Night lights are provided

Multotec’s Spiral Test Units benefits:

  • The spiral test units are stand-alone units  and can be skid mounted
  • Easily erected on site, with three primary modules
  • The flow sheet may be adapted to suit specific applications
  • ‘Plug and Play’ capability
  • Units are easily moved and re-erected
  • Optional extras on the plant include samplers and process flow meters

Multotec provides installation assistance and commissioning for its spiral test units as well as a consultation service, while test work on spiral concentrators is conducted at our R&D facilities or at plant sites.

Multotec Gravity Modular Spiral Test Plant

Multotec products are engineered to optimise costs, lifespan and efficiency of mineral beneficiation plants.
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