Spiral separator

HX and SC Mineral Spiral Concentrators

Multotec mineral spiral concentrators allow for separation of fine heavy minerals in the size range 1.5 mm to 0.04 mm. Multotec HX3 and HX5 mineral spiral concentrators are used for chrome and iron ore, while the SC range is typically used for gold, copper, iron ore and mineral sands and other high density minerals.

HX3 and HX5 Mineral Spiral Concentrator features: 

  • 1 000 mm in diameter and with 3 and 5 turn units
  • Tonnage rating per start from 4.0 tons per hour – mineral type dependent
  • Ideal for low grade ore where large tonnages are processed
  • Plant footprint can be reduced by more than 33%
  • Materials of construction give long life, low cost and reduced maintenance

SC Mineral Spiral Concentrator features:

  • 6 different models and up to 3 different combinations
  • From 3 turns up to 8 turns
  • High medium or low grade profiles
  • Materials of construction give long life, low cost and reduced maintenance
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The Multotec Spiral range is one of the most extensive in the world.

Multotec SC, HX5 and HX3 Mineral Spiral Concentrators

Spiral product name Typical application Configuration
SC20 LG Gold, copper Twin and triple start spirals
SC20 HC Iron ore, chrome High capacity twin start spirals
SC20 VC Mineral sands Twin and triple start spirals
SC21 Chrome, high grade ores Twin and triple start spirals
HX3/HX5 Chrome, iron ore Twin and triple start spirals

Mineral Spiral Concentrator components

Modular housing frame

  • Each module houses two spiral assemblies
  • Upper level walkway (optional)
  • Access cat ladder (optional)
  • Can be fully dismantled for retrofitting
  • Hot dip galvanised to prevent corrosion
  • Optional features: Safety handrails,  Cat Ladder Hoops,  Toe Plates


  • LDPE with cast polyurethane lining for long life
  • Lightweight rigid construction
  • Discharge flange to customer specification
  • Launders can be bolted to spiral frame
  • Design allows for spiral products direct discharge into launder
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Feed box

  • Solid polyurethane casting
  • Impact wall provides longer life
  • Design ensures homogenous pulp mix
  • Easily replaceable

Sliding and auxiliary splitters    

  • Solid polyurethane casting
  • Collects high density material
  • Collected material is channelled into a specific product box outlet
  • Improves metallurgical performance

Distributor and piping   

  • Robust, galvanised steel shell
  • Cast polyurethane lining
  • Replaceable parallel throat orifice
  • Anti-syphoning off-takes
  • Rigid HDPE piping
  • Modular polyurethane elbows
  • Top or bottom fed

Spiral trough     

  • Accurately manufactured by reverse lamination
  • Working surface is sprayed with polyurethane to required thickness (+/- 0.5 mm tolerance)
  • Rubber integral edge improves circumferential strength, prevents spillage and ribbed for extra strength

Product box and splitters            

  • Solid lightweight polyurethane casting
  • Splitter calibration
  • Box design assures no solids build up
  • Linked reinforced splitters
  • Splitters are independent to trough surface and offer knife edge cutting of pulp stream
  • Three or four products

Services offered by Multotec for its ranges of mineral spiral concentrators include consultation regarding spirals and plants, commissioning of spiral plant and equipment and optimising spiral plants.

Multotec offers its clients

  • Test work on spiral concentrators at its R&D and on-plant site
  • Consultation regarding spirals and plants
  • Design assistance to clients
  • Commissioning of spiral plant and equipment
  • Optimisation of spiral plants
Multotec is a leading manufacturer of high quality mineral spiral concentrators, and conducts test work on mineral spiral concentrators.
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