SX4 Coal Spiral Concentrators

SX4 coal spiral concentrators from Multotec are constructed with materials that ensure a high quality product with a longer life, low maintenance and low cost. To add flexibility when building or replacing the spiral plant, the concentrator features a compact modular design. The coal spirals are suitable for material with a size range of less than 2.0 mm to 0.1 mm.

The 1 000 mm diameter assemblies are supplied in single, twin or triple starts, with 4 turn configurations. Each module houses two spiral assemblies and the housing frame can have safety handrails, cat ladder hoops and toe plate as optional features.

SX4 Coal Spiral Concentrators feature:

  • Mild steel rubber lined or PVC/polyurethane pipe launder system
  • No solids build up due to box design
  • Spiral trough ribbed for extra strength
  • Fully dismantleable for retrofitting
  • Hot dip galvanised steel parts to prevent corrosion
Enhance your mineral processing efficiency with Multotec.

Feed Box

  • Solid polyurethane casting
  • Impact wall provides longer life
  • Design ensures homogenous pulp mix
  • Replaceable

Distributor and Piping         

  • Robust, galvanised steel shell
  • Cast polyurethane lining
  • Replaceable parallel throat orifice
  • Anti-syphoning off-takes
  • Rigid HDPE piping
  • Modular polyurethane elbows
  • Top or bottom fed
  • Accurately manufactured by reverse lamination

Spiral Trough

  • Accurately manufactured by reverse lamination
  • Working surface is sprayed with polyurethane to a thickness of (3mm +/-0.5mm) or as requested
  • Integral edge
  • Improves circumferential strength
  • Prevent spillage
  • Integrally moulded
  • Ribbed for extra strength

Product Box and Splitters

  • Solid polyurethane casting
  • Splitter calibration
  • Box design assures no solids build up
  • Linked steel reinforced splitters
Multotec’s SX4 coal spiral concentrators have been designed for low maintenance and low costs with quality components and enhanced versatility.
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