Trommel screen

Mill & Scrubber Trommels

Multotec’s high-capacity mill and scrubber trommels deliver increased screening and washing functionality to enhance the efficiency of your mineral processing operation. Mill and scrubber trommels comprise a durable rubber-lined steel frame and replaceable screening surface.

Multotec mill and scrubber trommels accommodate both modular rubber and polyurethane screening panels, which, through modular design and repair capacity, reduce downtime.

The trommel flanges are precision machined for precise connection to upstream mill screening equipment.

Our Mill & Scrubber Trommels feature:

  • Stress-relieved and NDT-tested trommel frames
  • Rubber-lined trommel frame for extended life
  • Apertures or panel cells can be repaired or replaced, reducing downtime
  • Advanced Finite Element Analysis (FEA) used to design the trommel frame
Multotec will manufacture a trommel screen for your milling and scrubbing equipment.
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