Spiral separator

Pipe Launder Systems

Multotec’s pipe launder systems are now available in modular designs and can be successfully configured to any existing and new plant layout in the minerals processing industry.

Our custom developed pipe launder systems are available in sizes of 200 mm, 250 mm, 315 mm, 355 mm and 400 mm diameters. They have been developed to cater for specific needs and utilise minimal steel components compared to other systems.

Pipe launder systems advantages:

  • Easy to install, transport and handle on site

  • Fully manufactured in-house with fast lead times

  • Can be used in a closed system to transfer slurry

  • Single and double stage launder system options

Slotted Pipe Launders are also available upon request.Enquire now

Pipe launder systems features and benefits:

  • Manufactured from UPVC and lined with 8 mm polyurethane lining throughout

  • Lightweight when compared to rubber lined steel and HDPE piping

  • Corrosion resistance enables a longer life

  • Durability facilitates increased uptime

  • Abrasion wear resistance reduces downtime

Multotec’s pipe launder systems reduce splashing, with both breather system and slotted launder options also available.

UPVC lined pipe launder components and advantages

Cast polyurethane saddle

  • Prevents direct impact on launder system
  • Easily replaceable

Down pipe

  • Feed from primary launder system or spiral bank

Stainless steel straps

  • Corrosion resistant


  • Injection moulded
  • Supports flange

Galvanised flange

  • Drilled to any standard

Polyurethane seal

  • Prevents leaking between pipe connections

Multotec Gravity Pipe Launders

Multotec’s pipe launder systems are UPVC lined while corrosion and abrasion-resistant properties increase the product life.
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