Screening Media

Reversible Sieve Bend Housings

Reversible sieve bend housings from Multotec are ideal for housing sieve bends for heavy minerals, with even spread of feed and adjustable flow control features.

For the reversible sieve bend housing, a choice of either a hydraulic or pneumatic tilting system built into the swivel mechanism is available – reducing labour requirements and improving safety conditions. 

Manufactured from steel or high-density polyethylene, Multotec’s reversible sieve bend housings are much lighter than conventional steel sieve bend housings, and as no special linings are required for corrosive environments, overheads are reduced and production maximised.

Reversible Sieve Bend Housing benefits:

  • Choice of hydraulic or pneumatic tilting system
  • Reduced feed errors
  • Lightweight in construction
  • Zero special lining required

Sieve Bend dimensions:

  • Ideal for areas restricted by height, the 800 mm arc length is generally used for media recovery.
  • Made for maximum drainage, the 1 600 mm arc length reduces the effects of any feed errors.
  • For applications where maximum drainage is necessary but available height is inadequate, the 1 200 mm arc length more than adequately performs this function.
  • The non-standard models are 60°, comprise different radii and lengths are developed according to requirements.
Multotec will manufacture a reversible housing for your Sieve Bend screening application.
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