Trommel screen

Self Driven Trommels

Designed for high-capacity screening applications, self driven trommels can be hydraulically driven on a centre shaft at the end of discharge, or propelled by a motor and gearbox driving supporting wheels. Self driven trommels accommodate screen panels in either modular or bolt-down form in a wide selection of apertures or materials.

The hydraulic drive enables optimisation of variable speed to suit the application. Oversized material is discharged through peripheral discharge ports, simplifying the chute arrangement.

Multotec engineers self driven trommels in diameters of 1 000 mm to 4 000 mm and lengths of 3 000 mm to 15 000 mm, as required by customer application.

Our Self Driven Trommels feature:

  • Stress-relieved and NDT-tested trommel frames
  • Rubber-lined trommel frames for extended life
  • Variable aperture sizes in modular or bolt-down screen formats
  • Scrolls and weir bar options can be installed
  • Can be supplied complete with feed and discharge arrangements to suit requirements

Generally customisable, self driven trommels can be broadly assembled along the following assemblies:


Hydraulic or electric drive on centre shaft at discharge end


Motor and gearbox driving support wheels

Steel shell with cut-outs


Steel beams with runners

Large bolt down polyurethane panels


Modular polyurethane panels with well-proven pin and sleeve attachment system

Bolt-on scrolls


Panels with integral scroll sections

Square apertures


Slotted apertures


Speak to a Multotec consultant today about a self driven trommel system for your plant.
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