Classification tests on Cyclone Rigs lead to better equipment choice

Multotec’s long-established cyclone test rig gives confidence to customers’ cyclone selection, in line with the company’s mission to provide fit-for-purpose solutions in mineral and particle classification.

The large scale rig can test the performance of a range of cyclone sizes, right up to 450 mm diameter. Tests related to classification, desliming and dewatering, as well as dense medium separation using density tracers can be conducted.

Among the benefits to customers is the ability to test large volumes of samples, as the rig includes a 1750 litre sump and a 6/4 pump. Flexibility is provided by a variable speed drive connected to the pump, to vary the flow rates as required by the cyclone size.

Testing remains a vital aspect of mineral process optimisation, as widely differing mineralogy of ores to be treated makes modelling difficult. The team highlights the expertise that the company brings to all aspects of the cyclones testing process.

Being able to choose the right cyclone for a specific customer application demands careful research. With 50 years of experience in mineral processing, Multotec is able to meticulously manage the sampling and testing process for accurate results.

Dry samples usually need to be blended before testing, and wet samples may need to be dried before blending. The resulting samples from the test must also be scientifically prepared for particle size and chemical analysis. The precision at each stage is vital, as bulk samples as large as 200 kg may need to be reduced to as little as 100 g.

The rig’s infrastructure also includes two Multotec vezin samplers, which are compliant with the highest design standards to provide reliable samples. These help to minimise the common errors of manual sampling and ensure that the integrity of the sample is retained.

Multotec has the necessary depth of metallurgical expertise which is vital to understanding exactly what the customer needs to achieve from their mineral processing plant. By analysing the customer’s process flowsheet, Multotec engineers identify where its range of classification and other products can add value.

Multotec also uses the cyclone test rig for its own product development. This on-going process has resulted in a range of cyclones that are lighter, more cost effective, environmentally-friendly and energy efficient. They all contribute to helping customers lower their cost per ton in a low footprint, sustainable plant operation.


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