Customer Training Workshop proves successful

Multotec Manufacturing Process Engineer, Brent Combrink, reflects on the second Customer Training Workshop, hosted by Multotec on 21 July 2021.

The workshop focused on performance of the milling circuit and 4 critical components were addressed. 574 guests registered for the workshop and we maintained an average of 160 participants throughout. These numbers are well above industry benchmark for these types of events. A total of 257 people attended (either live or they have since viewed the recordings), representing approximately 60 key companies and 16 countries. 

I replayed the recorded version the following day for the benefit of our behind-the-scenes team. This team had been so focused on getting the workshop logistics and presentation right that they missed the true value of what was being presented amid all the action. 

We truly have such a great team under the Multotec banner and I could probably watch the recorded session a few more times without getting bored. Mohini Jongoo, Waldo Verster, Ernst Maritz and Aslam Haffejee did a fantastic job of preparing relevant content and presenting in a virtual environment. Wilna Hoffmann performed the daunting task of managing all the incoming questions and comments during the live session. The marketing team, led by Bernadette Wilson for this event, drove the awareness and marketing elements around the event. Thanks, too, to Annah Vilakazi for the exposure created through our social media channels and website. Our sales teams also played a critical role in communicating with their customers directly and inviting them to participate. 

The engagement with the audience during the workshop was great, with very pertinent questions and comments coming through from all over the world. Attendees stayed tuned in right to the end to listen to our experts. 







I would like to congratulate both Mohini and Aslam as this was their first time using the platform! You both did exceptionally well. Ernst and Waldo are already pros. I was pleasantly surprised that Johan Engelbrecht answered one of the published questions for us; he will always be one of my heroes because of his knowledge and expertise. 

Those who may have missed this workshop are invited to watch the recordings. You’ll see why we are known as an international leader in mineral processing.

A big thank you to all involved for making this another major success!

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