Feeding and caring for the community during lockdown

Multotec feeds the community

Multotec helps feed the communityMultotec helped sponsor the “Stay Home and Stay Safe Feeding Scheme Project” initiated by Thandanani, a Non-Profit Organisation situated in Johannesburg CBD. 

Thandanani was established in 2007 when Ruth Maetisa (the founder of the organisation) witnessed young children scrounging for food all over the streets of Alexandra and Soweto and became deeply disturbed.

Through this project, Multotec ensured that 420 beneficiaries in orphanages, homes and centres of Alexandra and Soweto were fed during South Africa’s Covid-19 Lockdown.

Multotec helps feed the communityThese are poverty-stricken communities in Johannesburg with many unemployed people.

This project made certain that many of those in the community were served two meals per day and could then go to bed with full stomachs.

Thandanani developed the idea of delivering food to those in need, instead of people gathering in large numbers at the centre.

With daily visits, each household received regular meals. This method reduced overcrowding and lessened movement during lockdown. These beneficiaries no longer laboured on the streets in search of food and this helped limit their risk of being infected by the virus.

Having food on the table brings great joy to the hearts and minds of these children and puts immeasurable smiles on the faces of this vulnerable community.

Due to these reasons, Multotec supports vital causes like this one, as we believe that a child’s happiness is deeply connected their general health and wellbeing.



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