Multotec helps Flexi-Span turn Waste into Profits

Multotec polyurethane recycling

A mountain of white bags, filled with Multotec-green polyurethane waste, greets you when you arrive at Flexi-Span in Sebenza. Grinders and hoppers fill the air with a buzz of activity, as the team steadily turns waste into usable recycled material. This material will later be sent to the Multotec manufacturing plant for re-use.

With Multotec’s assistance, via the Enterprise and Development Program, Flexi-Span has a location of its own - a far cry from where the business began in the yard of Dumisani Mashinini’s family home.

Dumi started his company with sheer grit, determination, and an unwavering work ethic. You soon come to know Dumi by his proud smile and detailed knowledge of plastics manufacturing and fluid conveyance.

With 25 years of extensive experience in the industry, Dumi is considered an expert, and his sterling reputation supports this.

It is no wonder the Multotec team identified Flexi-Span as the perfect partner for their spew recycling project. With a lease from Multotec for the processing equipment necessary, Dumi set up his factory and began processing waste at an ever-increasing rate. 

As a certified Occupational Health and Safety officer, Dumisani runs a tight ship.  With stringent controls on safety and quality, Flexi-Span ensures that the recycled material returned to Multotec is fully integrated into the production process.

In a little under a year, Flexi-Span grew from a small backyard operation into a factory, producing high-quality fluid conveyance solutions to mines and manufacturing plants across South Africa. With the entrenched skill in process flow optimisation and trust from esteemed clients such as the South African Bank Note Company, De Beers and RARE Plastics, Flexi-Span is set for growth. 

Dumi and his team are making a difference to their clients’ bottom lines by offering cost-effective solutions with smart application of the correct plastics compositions.

Flexi-Span currently employs three permanent staff members and makes use of a project-based team for manufacture and installation of specialist fluid conveyance projects, such as a pipeline at Medupi Power Plant in Limpopo.

All staff members have obtained various certifications in legislated occupational health and safety and have acquired new skills from SA Plastics training. 

None of this would have been possible without the benefits that Multotec has provided as part of the Supplier Development Program and Veda Development

Dumisani is quick to thank those who have enabled Flexi-Span to prosper through these tough times, helping him to provide a steady income for his staff and care for his family.

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