Innovation In The Colour Black

By: Tyron Killian, Draughtsman - Gravity Concentration, MPE

When assessing the effectiveness of a product or service, you ask the following questions about its applicability: Where, Why, What, Who and How? 

If any of these questions cannot be answered, then there is space for improvement and innovation. During innovation, considerations for improvement might include the product’s mass, lead times, price, durability and the extent of their configuration. 

A spiral gravity distributor (SGD) is used to feed spiral products. When we feed a quantity of spirals, we refer to them as a bank.

Gravity Concentration has developed a new spiral distributor, called the Black Series Distributor. 

It can be manufactured to suit any spiral or spiral bank, regardless of its size, shape or configuration. This extends the applicability of the Black Series Distributor to other Gravity Concentration equipment (or any existing equipment the end user may be utilising).  

Gravity Concentration developed the new Black Series Distributor in response to customer feedback. While Gravity Concentration already offers various distributors – ranging from steel, to PU Lined to fibreglass PU lined – customers reported that there did not seem to be a product on offer which would meet all their requirements. Customers offered feedback on the mass of the available products, their lead time availability, price, durability and also the extent of their configurations. Gravity Concentration took all of this feedback into consideration, in developing the innovative Back Series Distributor. 

The newly designed product is manufactured out of a high-quality HDPE material that is both UV and wear resistant. The body of the feed spiral is PU lined on high-wear areas, to ensure longevity. The only parts that are constructed using steel, are the legs and a bracket (used to hold the feed pipe). This means the Black Series is the lightest product on offer. 

A few of the product advantages are:

  • It is manufactured out of a wear component, meaning that no moulds are necessary. This translates into savings elsewhere - such as in the price of the product and the lead-time required for its manufacture.
  • The light-duty features make the assembly of each distributor easer, as no lifting equipment is required.
  • In addition, this makes installation and replacement simpler; this is a benefit for the end user.
  • All spares and wear components are taken from the existing product ranges, ensuring that all parts are interchangeable.
  • The feed pipe is height-adjustable and fully rotational, making it easier to install on existing sites.

This design will bring life to a new product line at Gravity Concentration and hopefully, it will one day stand on the podium alongside the rest of Multotec’s outstanding product lines.

Being innovative does not always mean starting afresh, but rather, it means improving on the existing.  In this technological day and age, change comes with each day.  #InnovateForSpeed

The face behind the innovation
Introducing Tyron Killian, draughtsperson at Gravity Concentration. Tyron joined the Gravity Concentration team in 2017 and reports to Christina Ramotsabi. 

Tyron’s technical qualifications include a Higher Certificate in Multi-Disciplinary Drawing Office Practice, as well as various certifications in 3D design applications such as Inventor, Solid Works and Edge Cam, to name a few. Tyron has over seven years’ experience in the mechanical engineering, process engineering and design industry. His field of expertise includes plant design, design optimisation, research, report writing, and equipment design.

Tyron’s business philosophy is that a company that innovates is one that succeeds – it doesn’t matter whether those innovative ideas are big or small. 

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