Johan Robbertse spent his day navigating life from a wheelchair

Highlighting the needs of others Johan Robbertse, group financial director of Multotec Group of Companies, participated in the annual Little Eden’s Society CEO Wheelchair Campaign.

Johan’s move of solidarity took place on March 12 at the Multotec Group’s offices in Spartan. This is the seventh year that the campaign has been held.

It aims to raise awareness about the challenges faced by people living with physical disabilities and rely on the use of a wheelchair or mobility. It also highlights the challenges of people living with intellectual disabilities throughout March, which is Intellectual Disability Awareness Month.

Johan spent his day navigating life from a wheelchair. A seasoned leader with close to 14 years of tenure at Multotec, Johan embraced the opportunity to step into the shoes of those reliant on wheelchairs for daily mobility.

“Sitting down in the chair for the first time, I felt a mix of anxiousness and unexpected comfort. Manoeuvring the chair proved challenging, particularly navigating corners and dealing with uneven surfaces, said Robbertse.” He lauded the support from his colleagues on the day. “Many of my colleagues shared personal anecdotes of their family members grappling with similar challenges, and I felt that it fostered a deeper sense of understanding and empathy.”

Little Eden Society’s CEO Xelda Rohrbeck said that Multotec’s participation in the campaign served as a reminder of the significance of empathy and advocacy in building a more inclusive society. He highlighted that his decision to participate in the campaign was underscored through Multotec’s longstanding commitment to the NPO.

The society cares for and gives lifelong care to 300 children and adults living with profound intellectual disability in Edenvale and Bapsfontein.

Johan Robbertse

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