Knowledge sharing is key to our success

The first Customer Training Workshop webinar for the year was held on 8 and 9 March 2022. The focus for this year’s training is commodity-based and our first session focused on iron ore processing. We received just over 650 registrations for this event, with an array of different portfolios and profiles. 56 different companies were represented, from 21 countries worldwide. 

The training covered an overview of the iron ore markets and processing routes for the various type of ores, as an introduction. An iron ore expert from Australia presented on this section and one of our other contributing companies presented on the crushing of iron. The rest of the presentations were covered by our own specialists, and included topics on magnetic separation, spirals, screening, sampling and milling. 

As with previous training workshops, this webinar was held over two consecutive days, running the same sessions but in different time slots in order to accommodate a wider audience. 

Although these sessions are referred to as customer training workshops, our employees benefit greatly from the material presented. The specialists who prepare the presentations have to really apply their minds in order to attract and retain the attention of viewers. 

We have certainly created a platform which engages the interest of the vast majority of our customer base. I would like to thank all who were a part of this session for investing their time and effort. 

If you missed the online customer training workshop on Iron Ore Processing, click here to watch it now. Visit our Webinars page to access other webinars. 

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