Learning the Ropes: First-Hand Training at the Head Office


On May 22, 2023, my colleague, Gosaitse Gaefele, and I, Bokang Monggae, had an incredibly exciting opportunity. As members of the Multotec Botswana sales team, we were invited to attend a product training session in Spartan, Kempton Park, South Africa. This was no ordinary training session – we were going to witness firsthand the manufacturing process of the products we sell and market. I can assure you; this experience will be etched in our memories for years to come!

Gosaitse is the expert technical sales representative we always turn to, and I'm the enthusiastic sales intern. Our training was provided by the incredible Brent Combrink, who ensured that we had an absolutely amazing experience exploring different business units in Kempton Park.

Gosaitse Gaefele

Discovering the Inner Workings of Our Dynamic Industry

During our tour, we had the opportunity to explore the operations of the Multotec manufacturing facility. We were blown away by the intricate process they use to craft a variety of screen panels, including the Vibroplast, Hi-flow, MBT Mats, and meticulously hand-cast panels.

A standout moment was our interaction with Sibusiso Ntwana, the Production Manager at MM Casting within the facility. He generously guided us through the art of hand-casting production, offering insight into both the creative process and the challenges he faces daily. This experience was nothing short of enlightening, shedding light on the inner workings of our dynamic industry.

Sibusiso Ntwana

An Impactful Learning Experience

During our training, we also had the opportunity to explore the spirals manufacturing facility, witnessing firsthand the production process of these intricate components. One standout throughout our journey was Brent, who not only guided us patiently through our factory tours but also organised meetings with Multotec's specialists. Our interactions with experts like Faan Bornman, Ernst Bekker, and Wilna Hoffman were a true delight. They openly shared insights from their own experiences, addressing our inquiries with enthusiasm. Throughout the tour, Brent acknowledged our strong work ethic and enthusiasm during the training, offering us valuable advice to sustain our momentum.

Our week-long trip was truly impactful! The knowledge we acquired holds immense significance for our everyday tasks, and we consider ourselves fortunate to have undergone this enriching experience. Witnessing manufacturing processes firsthand and engaging with industry experts has undoubtedly left a lasting positive influence on us. We're excited and energised about the future ahead!

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