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Heritage day 2021

Heritage Day is a great reminder to celebrate our cultural traditions, as well as the diversity that makes us proud South Africans. 

On Heritage Day of 2021, the Dibeng Village community, in GaMatlala, Limpopo, celebrated the occasion by hosting a Heritage Tournament at Dibeng Primary School. 

Multotec, together with Education is Our Future, sponsored the event with sporting equipment and refreshments. Ronnie Ramolobeng, Operator, CWM, Wedge Wire, represented Multotec at the event.

The community came dressed in their beautiful cultural attires and both motivational speeches and traditional dances took place. Different teams of various ages participated in sports such as netball, basketball and soccer. 

The main purpose of the event was to encourage the youth to stay away from drugs and alcohol abuse. Multotec always encourage students to stay focused on their studies, participate in sports activities and to explore their talents.

Multotec also sponsored this event to motivate teachers, learners and the community, as the village is waiting for the Department of Education to build a school in the area. Unfortunately, the previous schooling facilities were declared unfit for use, 2 years ago. Mobile classrooms are currently in use, but they are not enough to accommodate all the learners.

“It was a great pleasure to see smiles, joy and dignity amongst the members of the community. They are encouraged to stay focussed and to study hard as they understand that ‘Education is our Future’,” says Ronnie. 

Heritage day 2021

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