MATO longest standing employee retires

Multotec, MATO

Jeremiah Moshabane retires from MATO after 42 years.

MATO’s longest-serving employee, Jeremiah Moshabane, still eagerly wakes up at 4:30 am daily to start his day while counting down to his retirement at the end of November. He started working for Multotec in 1977 - Multotec had 22 employees then.

He has grown with Multotec and in Multotec, from getting married, having kids, businesses and now grandchildren. He has worked for PU Castings, Cyclones, Injection Moulding and MATO.

His most memorable moment at Multotec was going to England and Germany to learn how to operate the MATO belt fastener/ clip machine. He can retire comfortably having passed on the learnings to other MATO employees on how to operate the machine.

He has assisted about 33 people in getting jobs at Multotec, telling people when vacancies were available. He is known in his neighbourhood as the Mayor because he treats everyone with respect, listens and participates in the community.

Jeremiah will now be able to spend time and focus more on his family, businesses and health. He fondly refers to his wife as the government and always consults with her. In fact, he initially declined to go for training in England because he was about to get married.

He would like to run and walk to keep fit, he used to do karate, boxing and play soccer in his heyday. He also coached the Multotec Soccer Team and won a trophy.

Jeremiah plans on spending his retirement travelling leisurely between his two homes in Venda and Tembisa.

The message that he would like to leave for Multotec staff is to work hard and lead by example for both companies to succeed further. He would like to wish everyone the best and to remain focused.

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