Memories of the company growing from TSS to MSS

Remember 0033? Oh, I can still recall that moment vividly! Sitting around the table, a curious question broke the ice. Some folks had that knowing grin, while others wore puzzled expressions. And then there was me, a treasure trove of memories, given that I've been with this company since its very inception.

We are talking about the Honda, our trusty companion with the license plate DZ0033. It was the official ride of TSS Company, accompanying us through thick and thin. It carried truckloads of sieve plates to customer sites, whisked away a small crew of five for company getaways, and even played shuttle for our far-flung colleagues headed to work until 2017.

Ah, those were the TEMA Screening Systems (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. (TSS) days. We were a branch backed by TEMA Holding, Hein Lehmann GmbH, and Steinhaus GmbH. From Xinqing district to our later home in Wuqing district, Tianjin, China, we made quite a journey.

Then 2017 rolled around, and the South African Multotec Group took the reins from Tema Group in China. This marked the end of TSS and the upcoming rise of MSS. After over a year of groundwork, all of us at TSS saw our roles and resources transition to the freshly minted Multotec Screening System (Tianjin) Co., Ltd (MSS). New beginnings were on the horizon.

So, here we are at Multotec Screening Systems (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., a proud member of the Multotec International family. In those early days, we quickly realised we needed a better space to spread our wings. In 2019, we set up shop in the GLP plant nestled in Beichen district and by May 2020, we were all moved in.

Time flies, doesn't it? Three years have zipped by. Amidst the twists of Covid-19, MSS kept forging ahead. Our team ballooned from a humble five to a thriving 32, and that little Honda? Well, it's history now, parked alongside the closure of TSS.

But hey, guess what? We're still here, and Multotec stands strong!

Fast forward to 2023, with Covid-19 easing its grip, our group leaders made their way back to China after four long years. What a shot in the arm for MSS! Our sales are surging, and the future looks incredibly promising. We're steadfast believers that we're destined for greatness. The best is yet to come!

With a hearty "GAN BEI" and the clink of glasses, I couldn't help but smile at all those passionate faces around me. One thing's for sure, Multotec China's present and future are shining ever brighter.

Onward and upward, united as one!

Cheers to what lies ahead!

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