Motor of the Month Award - our August winner

We recently reported on the SSM (Samplers, Solid-Liquid Separation and Magnetics) Division’s initiative in recognising individuals who drive the division to new successes in a given month. The initiative – The Motor of the Month Award – is to ensure that all members of each unit (sales, production, drawing and internal sales) within the division are aware of all accomplishments. Read the full article here.

And the winner of the Motor of the Month Award for August is….

Hulisani Madima 

Hulisani was awarded the SSM Motor of the Month for August 2020 because of his excellent customer service, specifically on the Senet Pueblo Viejo project that required a metallurgical accounting sampler. 

His focused customer service approach of quick turnaround times to ever-changing requirements ensured Multotec remained the preferred vendor for metallurgical accounting samplers. Hulisani’s outstanding service also led to the client to consider Multotec as their complete sampling solutions provider. The company subsequently requested additional ranges of sampling packages into the scope of supply, which included process control samplers and online analysers. 

Well known for his humbleness, Hulisani joined Multotec as an engineer in training in the Mineral Processing Equipment (MPE) Research and Development Division in 2017. He subsequently joined MPE-SSM as a junior process engineer and, in 2020, was promoted to process engineer in recognition of his commitment to servicing his customers. Outside of the office, Hulisani’s expresses an interest in soccer.

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