Multotec Australia: 20 Years of Innovation, Milestones and a Vibrant Vehicle Initiative

This year is a significant milestone for Multotec Australia as we celebrate our 20th anniversary in Australia. What makes this achievement even more special is that we have reached this point under our own management and leadership, without relying on distributorships or joint ventures. Our journey, which started with just four people, has now grown to a team of over 200 employees. It has been a journey filled with exciting adventures and constant change, shaping us into the successful company we are today.

To mark this milestone in tandem with Multotec South Africa's 50 years of dedicated service and festivities, we knew we had to do something extraordinary. That's why we decided to craft a unique conversation starter at the mine sites where our products are utilised. It's our way of celebrating this momentous occasion and showcasing our commitment to innovation and excellence.

We decided to showcase the Multotec Shweshwe design on our service vehicle in Hunter Valley. Our chosen vehicle, MLV01, is driven by our Service Manager, Brian Biddle. He said that the vibrancy of the design comes to life in person, especially when illuminated by the sun against the lush green backdrop of the valley. “The intricate details of the design reveal themselves in unique ways depending on the viewing angle, creating a dynamic and eye-catching display that never fails to impress;” he said.

This eye-catching vehicle never fails to make a statement on the streets, drawing admiring glances wherever it goes. Let's just hope Brian doesn't become too distracted by all the attention it attracts while navigating the busy roads of Newcastle.

We are also excited to announce our collaboration with Marsden State High School to design a unique wrapping for another service vehicle, showcasing Australian indigenous design. The design is expected to be bold and eye-catching, featuring vibrant colours and earthy patterns. We cannot wait to see the final result and are confident that it will make a powerful statement on the road!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates on our Bowen Basin vehicle projects in future issues of the Grapevine.

Did You Know?

Did you know that Australia is home to the Great Barrier Reef, a breathtaking underwater wonder that is the largest living structure on Earth? This incredible ecosystem is like a vibrant underwater city, boasting thousands of colourful reefs and islands that stretch along the northeast coast of Queensland. The Great Barrier Reef is so immense that it is visible from space!

Cheers to 20 years of hard work, dedication and growth!

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