Multotec Cares: Paying it forward to the underprivileged in Tembisa

Multotec Cares - Paying it forward to the underprivileged in Tembisa

They say it’s the thought that counts, yet putting thought into action is what really changes lives. 

Once again at Multotec we took action and successfully gave back to the community of Tembisa which is about 15 km from our offices in Spartan.

Lindiwe Tladi, Vincent Konzani and Godiregile Nxumalo volunteered our time on the 19th of December 2019 and went to enrich the community of Tembisa. Six underprivileged families from Tembisa benefited from the clothes, food and other items donated by Multotec employees throughout the company.

It has been our mission at Multotec to satisfy our customers while also helping as many people as we can in an initiative to make the world a greater place.

We did not only spread the joy, but we made a real difference in these families that are in need. We would like to assure everyone who made a contribution that it surely did make a huge difference.

Let us keep on giving because that the more we give, the more we grow. 

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