Multotec celebrates Koketso Mokoena’s 10th birthday at Little Eden

Koketso Mokoena with Multotec’s Adel Kruger and Lindiwe Kabini

In 2010, Multotec ‘adopted’ baby Koketso Mokoena, who lives at Little Eden Elvira Rota Village in Bapsfontein. On 29 May 2019, Lindiwe Kabini and Adel Kruger of Multotec Kempton Park celebrated her 10th birthday with her.

Little Eden Elvira Rota Village is home to about 300 residents with profound intellectual disabilities. Some of the residents have a family and only make use of the facility for their special care. Some of the children call this place home and the staff are family. At Little Eden ERV, they have 24-hour care and all their needs are taken care of so they can reach their own potential. There are also activities they can participate in like horse-riding, farming, music and pet therapy.

Multotec ‘adopted‘ a little angel with special needs in 2010. This year we surprised little Koketso Mokoena for her 10th birthday. We went all out and bought her nice warm clothes for the coming winter. Enough cakes were bought for her and her friends to have a little party and what is a birthday without balloons and photos?

Multotec has been involved with Little Eden for many years now and it is very close to our hearts. We support little Koketso financially annually with all her needs.

The Little Eden annual CEO Wheelchair Campaign, in which Multotec CEO Thomas Holtz participated, is part of the fundraising campaign for Little Eden. 

Read about his experience.


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