Multotec continues client training online

When life gives your business lockdown, Multotec continues to provide knowledge!

Recommendations from the Harvard Business Review’s article, “Ensure That Your Customer Relationships Outlast Coronavirus“, recommended that companies should let consumers know that it understands the dire social circumstances at play during these times and cares about more than simply reaping profit during this difficult time. 

Furthermore, the article suggested telling existing customers how they are being served in new ways to revolutionise what clients value about your business.

Following recommendations from the article, and acknowledging the past success of Multotec’s customer training, the plan was to host several virtual technical presentations utilising the MS Teams online platform for all Multotec’s project clients.

This method of presenting training virtually via a digital platform is not new, but the pandemic has forced the widespread adoption of this method. Many companies across the globe are already wondering why they did not train like this earlier…

The statistics from virtual technical training was as follows:

74 Engineers from Anglo American head office attended 5 technical presentations resulting in 556 man-hours.

853 engineers from all design houses in South Africa were invited to 10 technical presentations over a period of four weeks.

■ Attendance exceeded expectations with 363 engineers from 63 design houses spending a total of 2 007 hours with Multotec’s technical specialists.

Design houses and consultancies from all over South Africa were represented. Notwithstanding the vast amount of man-hours spent in Multotec’s technical training presentations, the feedback and appreciation expressed indicated that the technical training presented during these uncertain times was enormously successful. 

“Many thanks for yet another great presentation! Great work from the Multotec team right from the beginning!” RSV

“They were excellent speakers, clearly well prepared and demonstrated a strong knowledge” Hatch

A special thanks

To the technical specialists for their time and effort in presenting:
Ernst Bekker, Willem Slabbert, Spike Taylor, Waldo Verster, Samuel Hearn, Christina Ramotsabi, Refentse  Molehe, Hlayisi Baloyi, Francois Fouche, Gerrit Du Plessis, Vincent Ridgard and John Britton.

A special thanks to Ornella Munkeni for assistance in the administration of the technical training.

A special thanks Kudzai Changunda, Technical Manager at Anglo American head office. Kudzai was instrumental in initiating the virtual technical training and was the driving force in ensuring that Anglo American employees attended the training.

“I would like to thank you and Multotec for giving these technical presentations I think it a fantastic idea, certainly breaks the monotony of trying to work from home. I found it invaluable and I am looking forward to the rest of the series. He is extremely confident, knowledgeable, and technically competent and showed why he has such a good reputation in industry. He is an asset to your organisation.” DRA

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