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Chris Laker - Process Engineer, Multotec Manufacturing

Work In Learning (WIL) is a programme run by the Vaal University of Technology (VUT) that requires their students to complete a practical year as part of their training before receiving their qualification.

This enriches students with practical experience while also providing the industry with eager students ready to be moulded into qualified metallurgists.

Multotec Manufacturing has been participating in the WIL program since before I joined the team in 2020.

During this time, we have had the pleasure of meeting a couple of individuals that proved their ability and grit, like Thendo Dzialwa and Thinamaano Mulaudzi who ultimately joined the Multotec team on a permanent basis in the roles of proposal engineers in Capital Sales.

VUT hosts an annual event to bridge the gap between academics and industry called the Employer Awards Function. At this event, VUT selects specific industry players to acknowledge their continuous contribution to their students’ education in the form of a certificate.

I was honoured to accept a certificate at this year's Employer Awards on behalf of Multotec Manufacturing. The music ranged from “Bhabha (Fly)” by Tumisho to “Dancing queen” by ABBA. A diverse collection of people, languages, cultures, and music getting along under one roof and celebrating a common goal. To me, this felt like a scale model of our nation, the diversity we are blessed with and our potential to be great when we are unified.

#The MultotecDifference

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