Multotec makes an impact through Education, Skills, and Nutrition Related Programmes

Through its Socio-Economic Development (SED) initiatives, Multotec Group of Companies uplifted vulnerable communities surrounding its operations, in spite of the struggles and challenges that COVID-19 posed over the last year.

Our SED programme is focused on enhancing the upliftment of historically disadvantaged communities around the regions in which we operate, as well as where we source our potential employees, customers and suppliers. For us to reach these communities and ensure sustainable development, we partner with Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs), who ensure the money donated is put towards initiatives which promote sustainable upliftment. 

Multotec’s SED consists of the following 5 key initiatives:
•   Care for underprivileged children
•    Early childhood development & childcare
•    Adopted schools’ upliftment
•    Nutrition & health
•   Care of people with disabilities

Multotec’s involvement in 2020: education, skills, and nutrition-related programmes

At Multotec, we took a decision to be involved in education because the children are the future and bedrock of our society. We believe education is vital for the economic prosperity of our nation, as it helps in shaping and growing society. To this end, we partnered with Education is our Future and Symphonia for South Africa. We also got involved in programmes that make a difference.                                                                          

This year we got involved with Partners for Possibility where Lindiwe Kabini, Multotec Group Internal Auditor, got an opportunity to form a partnership with a school principal. “It was a privilege for me to be part of this programme, being involved in the biggest challenge that South Africa is facing, which is education. Together with the principal, we explored a lot of things, had courageous discussions where we shared and exchanged our knowledge,” she said. Multotec is committed to sponsoring one partnership between the principal and the business leader each year.



Kingsway High School is a state secondary school located at Kingsway, Benoni, with approximately 1 200 learners and 52 teachers. Multotec in partnership with Youth @ Work donated masks to the school to enable the learners to be at school during Covid-19.



 Besides the learning issues in 2020, complying with the COVID-19 requirements was also a big challenge for schools. Working together with Kathu Branch Manager, Chris Koch, Multotec provided Laerskool Kathu with cleaning material (sanitiser, cleaning liquid, gloves & aprons) to ensure that the school complied with COVID-19 requirements. This helped to keep the children at school, while also preventing the spread of COVID -19.


Tucked away in rural North West is Kgalatlowe Secondary School, which accommodates about 470 learners and 14 teachers. Multotec partnered with Education is our Future to start the Yarona Food Project, which focused on nutrition, generating income and skills development. The school garden teaches learners about responsibility and teamwork, and also immerses them in the concepts of organic gardening and sustainable communities. It’s also one of the best ways to supplement nutritious meals for learners, with fresh herbs and veggies which improve learners' ability to perform better.


“The Yarona Food Project created an opportunity for the community of Motlhabe Village to get involved in a gardening project, where they planted vegetables and herbs. This benefitted the community as they were able to create their own business out of this project by selling the vegetables obtained from the garden,” said Lindiwe Tladi, Procurement Officer for Multotec Group.  



Manyano Primary School in Middelburg extended one of their classrooms to ensure that they comply with social distancing during COVID-19. Multotec assisted the school by contributing funds towards the tiling of the classroom. This investment at Manyano Primary School has given an element of pride to both school learners and educators.


“What we do makes a difference, and we must decide what kind of difference we need to make in this world, as our prime purpose is to live a fulfilling life which involves helping others. We do not need money to help others, we need a heart. And believe me, Multotec does have a heart; it’s in the work we do for our community, to make it a better place. Let’s make 2021 a year to remember and a year where Multotec is seen, heard and felt in the communities where we operate,” said Marie Williamson, Logistics Superintendent for Multotec Wear Linings. 

Multotec plans to continue its SED projects in 2021, with the aim of aiding the country’s economic development. 

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