Multotec Pretoria spends their 67 Minutes at "Rock of Hope"

The Pretoria team, with the help of Spartan had the pleasure to spend our 67 minutes for Mandela Day at very special place named “Rock of Hope”.

Rock of Hope is a registered place of safety and loving home for abandoned, abused and traumatised babies and toddlers under management of the Tshwane Place of Safety Association.

Mientjie Prozesky and her husband Wouter set up Rock of Hope in May 2011 in their own home in Montana, carrying all the costs themselves. For Mientjie, Rock of Hope was a dream come true and an opportunity to change lives. Her passion is to work with children and assure their safety and security.

She says it is open to all children who had been abused or abandoned. Their goal is to ensure a place of safety where unwanted or abandoned children can be flooded with the love and attention any child deserves. On average the children stay between six and eight months, depending on how long it takes them to find a new and/or permanent home to live in. One little boy went to his forever parents on 4 July 2019, making a space available for a new baby in need. There have also been three new babies admitted in July, of which two were premature babies.

In December 2018, they had 13 babies, with a total of 17 children it was a challenge but they made it work. “Their home is always ready to receive children that are removed due to their parents putting them in danger or if they are arrested and the children can’t be left alone. They are ready to accept children of any age at any time,” says Multotec’s Marie Williamson.

Rock of Hope has had the privilege to be entrusted with 125 children since April 2011 when they tarted doing this amazing work.

With the help of our Multotec employees, Multotec, Mellie se Koeke Goete as well as Bizzco Training Facility (one of Multotec’s Training Providers) we were able to donate clothes, a stroller, blankets, toys, and nappies and formula. One of the girls in their care shares her birthday with Madiba and we had the privilege to make her 11th birthday more special, we were able to take her a birthday cake, cake pops for all the kids, balloons and a gift bag.

“We spent our time cuddling these babies and toddlers, giving them much needed love and attention, it was extremely hard for us to part our way with them,” says Williamson.

“I heard something over the radio on the day - “Mandela Day and Beyond”. This was a very powerful reminder that we must not just spend time with our charities and in our community on Mandela Day but we must try and do this on an ongoing basis, therefore I am looking forward to spending more time with Rock of Hope in the near future.”

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