Multotec services Mozambique extends helping hand

Recently Mozambique had to cope with two cyclones, Idai and Kenneth, that brought some serious devastation to the country.

Sadly a lot of lives were lost and infrastructure was washed away or seriously damaged. Parts of the country were more fortunate than others. But everyone still felt the impact of this and it had an effect on everyone.

The same was true for Multotec Services Mozambique up in the north. “We were fortunate not to have any serious damage at our premises, but around us there was some infrastructure damage, bridges, housing,” says Thinus Kruger, Regional Manager, East Africa.

The same was experienced by FIPAG, the Mozambique Water Board. The water pumps were washed away by the river, boreholes got filled with mud, and pipes damaged.

Multotec Services jumped in and offered to assist with repairs to some of the pipelines that were damaged.

“We had the privilege of assisting in a time of need and this has restored water supply to some of the villages and some businesses in and around Moatize.”



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